#365gameideas: the full list

GDC 2015, I challenged myself to post a game idea every day for a year.  My hope was that this would force me to think about things in new ways, that it would force me to get ideas out there now matter how rough they are, and that it would help me learn how to express ideas succinctly (within the 144 character-limit on Twitter).

Below is the full list of ideas that I posed that year.

  1. A seed falling from the sky. Land in the best spot to grow big. Evolve your seeds to spread them through animals, wind, tides.
  2. Sonic keeps rolling forward and you draw the level. Ramp over spikes, loop through rings, gets faster the better you’re doing.
  3. Survival game set in Waterworld. Customize raft. Scrounge supplies. Dive drowned cities. Other players are scary.
  4. Build destructible snow forts and have snowball fights with other players.
  5. Immersive realistic wildlife game. Play as eagles, cheetahs, dolphins, etc. Simple mastery-based goals unlock more animals.
  6. Sky fortresses. Raid ground settlements for materials. Build and customize your fortress. Clash against others.
  7. Post-apocalypse survival. Each player starts with one clue. Share or kill each other to unfold story towards end.
  8. Play a bee. Pollinate flowers in your meadow and watch them spread. Accumulated honey is your score. Meadow as screensaver.
  9. Horror game, dark when still, lights up when moving. Terrors search where last saw you. Steps, scratching, growls in the dark.
  10. Find an alien ship. Learn their symbols and logic to get safely through space. Land on their homeworld and uncover their fate.
  11. Play a very agile hopping robot in a chaotic asteroid field, crashing and shattering. Leaping, dodging, grappling.
  12. Build and make simple programs for an army of robots. Use them for industry/war, good/evil. Lose control and try to stop them.
  13. World collapsing in slow motion. Run along the length of slowly crashing tidal wave, expanding fissure, raining volcanic rock.
  14. Sci-fi Monster Hunter. Travel to alien worlds to hunt Dune sandworms, icy behemoths, sea leviathans in epic battles.
  15. Conversation tree game with increasingly obscure words, and eventually phrases from other languages. Because learning.
  16. World of intense winds. Open wing suit to glide, very real physics. Use wind direction to push/slow enemies and projectiles.
  17. You are a cow on a mission to eat some grass. Suddenly you are abducted by aliens, and there’s no grass on spaceships.
  18. Adventures of a grumpy hermit crab. Land and sea. Upgrade to bigger and and more stylized shells as you progress.
  19. (April 1st) A high-difficulty military farming walking simulator MMO with pirates, zombies, mechs, and scantily-glad anime girls.
  20. Non-violent exploration game where you raise a puppy find food to teach it tricks and use it’s tricks to get past challenges.
  21. Starfox gameplay. FTL-style randomized scenarios and weapon customization per playthrough. Huge variety of routes to choose.
  22. Exercise game – Run on a treadmill to explore a massive, immersive fantasy world. Stunning visuals. Unique/alien environments.
  23. Build mazes with traps/monsters and watch AI bots try to navigate them. Program bots to try solve other players’ mazes.
  24. Control the weather in 3D physics world. Dense clouds to hide in shadow, rain the put out fire, wind to carry you places.
  25. Alien invasion post-apocalypse, realistic first person. Learn how to avoid several terrifying species. No weapons. Survive.
  26. Mazes where you leave shoestring trail behind that gets cut if you ever cross it. Score for length of string when finished.
  27. Play a weapon that controls it’s wielder. Get them killed, get picked up by their killer, control. Something something story.
  28. Angry male ladybug with a little chainsaw, annoyed at constant gender confusion, on a mission to ruin people’s gardens.
  29. Sewer Pipe Surfer. Drop in through manholes, big sewer pipes, splitting paths, huge waves. Dodge the poops.
  30. Bullet hell, no weapons, changing rooms, intensifying pressure with loud countdown until next level. Survive for score.
  31. Space pirate rogue-like. Plunder parts to build ships and hire crew. On death, start as one of the crew from your last ship.
  32. Porcu-Pete vs the ocean invasion. Shoot quills at flying fish, hop on crabs, roll to eject electric jellyfish stuck on you.
  33. Play as a dragon. Abduct damsels (of both genders), burn villages, slay knights, amass a horde of gold.
  34. The love story of a Rhino and a Unicorn, overcoming poachers and the borders of fantasy vs reality. *mumble*mumble*gameplay*
  35. Creation game – make simple plants, creatures that are auto-populated in a living world with basic behaviors and interactions.
  36. Exploration. Music tightly twined with a world of abstract environments. Find source of track and add it to a playlist.
  37. Suck light out of rooms at strategic times to blind enemies into pits or trick them into shooting each other as you jump away.
  38. Jetpack as weapon. Burn guys. Bowl into giants to knock them down. Crash through walls, spin in circle to fill room with fire.
  39. Swapping. Swap places with enemies as their bullets fly. Swap rapidly into the air and then with heavy objects so they fall.
  40. Your only weapon is throwing a small friend at enemies, then he eagerly runs back. He gets super excited about being thrown.
  41. Your only weapon is a shield. Reflect attacks with good timing, push enemies into spikes and pits, sled down slopes.
  42. Your only weapon is ripping off pieces of the environment and throwing them at things. Mad monkey. Weird environments as toys.
  43. 2D side-scroller. Big guy with a spike on his hat. Butt-slam the ground to send bads flying, run under them to spike them.
  44. Play as a little spark in a 3D earth that can set anything flammable ablaze, spreading chain reactions of destruction.
  45. Play a scared little puffer fish crossing the Pacific. Only defenses are hiding or puffing up big and hoping not to get eaten.
  46. Ski-slope designer. Sculpt chutes and ramps and watch little skiers gleefully run your courses. Earn money to build more.
  47. A world of shadowy silhouettes are painted with color as you approach. Weird wildlife, twisting trees, vibrant flowers.
  48. Play an alien worm that burrows through planets. Find rare materials to grow bigger. Dangerous as you break planets apart.
  49. 3D alien exploration game that intentionally deviates from the expected at every turn. As weird and diverse as possible.
  50. Play as an insect. Customize legs, pincers, carapace. Chew stems off of leaves to fall and ride them on wind far distances.
  51. Spider, choose spot and design web pattern. Catch insects to grow bigger and make bigger webs. Multiplayer vs. flying bugs?
  52. Top-down scroller. You control the camera, the character follows it. Scary creatures disappear if you swing the camera away.
  53. Open world – find, befriend, grow young dragons. Ride them. Fight beside them to defend their homes. Huge variety to discover.
  54. Shadow of the Colossus boss gameplay in an mmo. Ability light action combat. Climb, dodge, hide behind barriers, grapple.
  55. Action game – Play a living shadow. Take over other creatures’ shadows, new shapes/abilities. Light is important and scary.
  56. Audio game where you hear signals from space. Listen, interpret, make contact.
  57. A tiny bug. Rain drops fall in slow motion and hit like bombs. Suck up water and launch droplets at other big bugs.
  58. Mosquito flying against traffic highway. Dodge incoming cars and try not to become a splat on a windshield. Scored on time.
  59. Control strong gravity by flicking mouse in intended direction. Use this and no weapons to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.
  60. A happy, voracious vacuum-cleaner. Suck up shrimp but not puffer fish. Suck up water and spit it at fire. Suck up everything!
  61. Play as aliens invading Earth. Abduct humans, evolve/upgrade better combatants, destroy major cities. Reverse XCom?
  62. Manipulate walls, floors, ceiling, slamming and throwing enemies, but changing your available paths in the process.
  63. Flash flood city surfer. Waves crash down big city streets, through office buildings sweeping up cars to maneuver around.
  64. Reverse horror. Characters explore your mansion/lair and you terrify them. Different monsters with different methods.
  65. A slow snaking vine plant. Carefully encircle and trap evil herbivores. Grow lures, traps, spikes. Carnivores are friendly.
  66. Trapped in an underwater cave while diving. Limited air. Something is in there with you. Find your missing partner and escape.
  67. Big guy/little guy. Change back and forth. Little to climb a tree, big to bend it to the ground, little to fling yourself far.
  68. Real world city exploration through fun movement. Parkour around Paris. Fly a drone through New York. Learn real locations.
  69. Build a fortress with defenses. Land of rock creatures to kill for materials. Attacks on your fortress bring materials to you.
  70. Modern remake of SimAnt. Build a colony, dig custom tunnels, invade homes looking for food, fear spiders and vengeful humans.
  71. AR glasses running game. Sets random route markers in environment, scores based on distance/speed, local runner leaderboards.
  72. Robot action adventure. When you die, choose one if your systems to scrap, and choose from 3 random new ones to replace it.
  73. Deep sea photographer. Snap pics of new unknown creatures. Spot ones blending into the sea floor. Fill out entire catalogue.
  74. Play a virus. Attack cells and take them over. Develop different abilities, strategies. Fight off white blood cells.
  75. Plant action game. On death, a new plant grows from your body that specializes in dealing with whatever killed you.
  76. Undersea complex is flooding. Seal doors, drain chambers, save others, unfold mystery of what happened.
  77. Firefighter tactics. Large scale fires. Distribute firemen, engines, water drops, unlock gear, give heroes promotions.
  78. Language-learning through virtual dates with native speakers. Dates go well/poorly depending on dialogue-tree responses.
  79. Inventors online. Realistic materials and physics. Build and sell inventions. Community builds progress on top of each other.
  80. Google maps collection game. Capture pictures of landmarks and quirky finds. Players create collection goals and upvote.
  81. Online social fort survival against alien beasts. Form small communities and depend on other players to survive.
  82. Songbird. Grow as a little chick and learn to fly. Find a home, gather food. Attract a mate, build a nest, raise chicks.
  83. Adventure game, when you die your spirit has to seek out a new body to take over. Get revenge and recover your equipment.
  84. A little lizard trying to escape a forest fire. Can’t stop running. Run through blazes, across water.
  85. Trailblazer. Lay footpaths through beautiful natural environments. The more other players use them, the bigger the trail gets.
  86. Wilderness rescue. Track down missing people. Helicopter rescue from precarious situations. Flash floods, fires, mudslides.
  87. Lonely robot on an abandoned colonized planet. Scrounge for parts, repair yourself, build other robots to keep you company.
  88. VR Starship boarding. Slam pod into enemy ship, latch, cut through hull. Fight through crew, salvage parts, steal ship.
  89. Angry water droplet, waves to push bads off cliffs, drop ice blocks, steam to turn turbines. Run when no water to draw from.
  90. 90 seconds surrounding a huge freeway accident. Go back and forth in time making very small adjustments to prevent tragedy.
  91. Run a spy network with face to face meets. Ask the right questions, judge faces for lies, piece together intel, make plans.
  92. Friendly shark just wants to give penguins hugs. Dodge ice chunks and chase fast penguins, earning heart points for every hug.
  93. Open world 3D castle sieges. Plan walls, defenses, troop stations, scouts. Withstand player generals with unique strategies.
  94. Lost dog in an evacuated city looking for food and a home. Come across a young boy, protect him, get him out of trouble.
  95. Snowball rolling down mountain. Gain speed, dodge trees. Gather snow to get bigger, scored on destruction to village below.
  96. Space hamster. Eat things to grow permanently bigger. Small sneaking through mouse holes up to big godzilla’ing buildings.
  97. Play as a ghost. Residents of your house can’t see you, but you can subtly affect things. Lead them to discover your fate.
  98. VR wingsuiting. The vertigo from the top of the cliff, the sound of wooshing by trees, the jarring stop of pulling your shoot.
  99. Dormant cities. Crawling with nightmares that flee the light. You are a spark, igniting lampposts for a little girl’s passing.
  100. Blob that changes shapes to overcome obstacles. Cube slide down slopes, bouncy ball jump chasms, spikey dodecahedron to climb.
  101. Fire creature radiating intense heat, melting away ice to reveal a frozen civilization. Results in huge waves to avoid.
  102. Vast sea exploration. Build a ship, buy equipment, recruit crew. Navigate by compass and stars, survive storms and pirates.
  103. Delivery truck driver. Tetris in as many packages as possible. Throw them through oddly shaped fences/windows while driving.
  104. House burglar. Assess schedule, find ways around alarms, deal with unexpected guard dogs, hunt for valuables and escape.
  105. Flying bicycle game tied to an exercise bike. Pedal hard to take off, let off and glide occasionally. Explore earth.
  106. Put on the perfect gay wedding. Choose venue, decorations, clothes, guest count. Plan special events. Watch And enjoy.
  107. Hungry little penguins belly-sliding down ice chutes, choosing different paths, racing to get the most fish down in the water.
  108. Puddle hopping race between kids across playgrounds, one foot at a time, make the next jump before you fall off-balance.
  109. Create creatures to fill a planet with essential roles: plants, herbivores, carnivores, scavengers, etc. (1/4) Choose major features like claws, skin, temperature tolerance, etc. and customize how they look. (2/4) Put your creatures in environments with conditions/weather that force them to use what they have, to or evolve. (3/4) The only way to try to correct a mistake is by creating natural disasters to try to wipe them out, but they might adapt. (4/4)
  110. World of blistering sun. Launch rolls of cloth to drape them over environment and create patches of shade to pass through.
  111. Super villain meets Xcom. Research crazy technologies, send robots to rob banks, thwart super heroes, slowly take over world.
  112. Play music and plants grow to it. Different music spurs different growth. A quick flare adds a streak of color to a flower.
  113. Online battle bots. Create custom bots out of saws, wheels, belts, motors. Battle other players. Victors keep the parts.
  114. Submersible shipwreck recovery expeditions. Explore deep sea wrecks, deal with hostile environments, and recover artifacts.
  115. Give review ratings and awards to a variety of arcade mini-games. Virtual companies make new games based on previous success.
  116. Cloud shaper. Fly through clouds carving them them into roads and castles that become solid as you do. Create a cloud city.
  117. Play backwards through time. Witness the events after your death, and then participate in the days that lead to it.
  118. Tend a walled garden, one aspect reinforcing another, until it grows tall enough to climb to freedom. (1/2) Discover that what’s outside isn’t nearly as beautiful as what you created inside. (2/2)
  119. Play a yeti trying to rescue lost and injured climbers high on a snowy mountain, all while not getting seen by others.
  120. Lab scientist using provided materials and processes to run experiments, build on results, and discover something incredible.
  121. VR Small town on an iceberg flips and sinks when a piece of ice breaks off. Terrifying descent, act fast to survive.
  122. Worker on space station that fully rings earth. Deal with series of sudden emergencies that start while you’re space walking.
  123. Military drill instructor training recruits with diff. strengths and weaknesses. After, hear the fates of each in the war.
  124. Play a tugboat saving other little ships from whirlpools, tidal waves, kraken, and other cartoony disasters.
  125. Falling polygon aim through shaped holes passing. Increase/decrease your number if sides to match. Holes arrive on music beat.
  126. Play a cube in a big open world where puzzles can only be solved with others. Get a splash of color when you help someone.
  127. Sci-fi adventure mmo where traveling to other planets requires a crew of several players to perform several challenging roles.
  128. Research station with unstable movement through time. Slows as a dangerous situation unfolds, roll back and take a new course.
  129. Underwater science facility. Identify new wildlife and perform experiments to earn funding, expand, and buy new equipment.
  130. Hang-gliding, take-off off of a cliff, swooping through canyons, using thermals to rise high, stay up as long as you can.
  131. Play as a little girl who can see creepy monsters in your house that your parents can’t. Hatch plans to keep your family safe.
  132. High winds sea jousting. Ships rocket at each other, using blades, grapples, nets to take out other ships and scavenge them.
  133. Online adventure where far into play you gain a unique random super power. Players have dramatically different capabilities.
  134. Design fireworks by experimenting w/ packed materials, delayed fuses in rockets. Build a show out of your creations. Share.
  135. Players create tower-defense style courses for a mario-kart racing game. Place obstacles, combo tower attack types to dodge.
  136. VR Pokemon snap, on foot, with tracks and clues needed to find rare types.
  137. Wake up in the woods with no memory of what happened to you. Scrounge for survival and find your way back to civilization
  138. First person game about overcoming awkward social situations. Realistic facial expressions. Get to know characters deeply.
  139. Boy surviving a flooding world, saving animals along the way. Towering mountain in the distance, a single light at its top.
  140. Water jetpack firefighter.
  141. Angry little ram. Rears up and charges people to knock them on their bums. Searching for his best friend armadillo.
  142. First person experience of being born as something very non-human. Learning to move, to communicate, discovering purpose.
  143. Survival FPS set on a colossal planet-sized space installation where AIs have gotten out of control. Scrounge, hide, survive.
  144. Sci-fi colony doctor. Look through the skin, scan for anomalies, repair damage, heal realistic human bodies. Learn as you do.
  145. Choose out of widely different bounty hunter classes to hunt notorious human and alien targets across multiple planets.
  146. Project rips into other dimensions that can cut enemies in half or cause portions of buildings to collapse into them.  Late game, travel to the dimension you’ve been sending all of these pieces into and witness the jumbled mess you’ve created.
  147. A fragile butterfly navigating a violent chaotic world, trying to find a very specific flower.
  148. Alien world in furious restless motion that calms in your presence. Explore and discover it’s origins.
  149. An alien that can throw its consciousness through space, exploring other galaxies looking for life to inhabit and act through.
  150. Alien world where you can only walk on glass, all other solids dissolve at your touch.
  151. A rock worm that “sees” vibrations in solid matter. Navigate patterns of different densities, breaking in and out of caverns.
  152. Online fantasy where every ogre, dryad, dragon, and adventurer is a player, all with different gameplay and goals.
  153. Play a mouse, sneaking to steal food, avoiding humans and cats, escaping through mouse holes and wandering in the walls.
  154. Persistent online game passed to a new fan developer each year so that it constantly changes and evolves.
  155. Little octopus aquarium escape. Sneak through other fish habitats, evading various predators, seeking a way to the ocean.
  156. A world where gravity is inexplicably sideways, so the entire planet is something like a sheer cliff.
  157. A colossal VR amusement park with cloud-high roller-coasters, underwater personal submarines, and other ridiculous rides.
  158. Wild online terrain game, plant flags to claim territory before others do. Race, discover, try to trip others up.
  159. Mansion heists. Case and make schedule, find and cut alarm wires, pick locks, hunt valuables, escape undetected.
  160. Interactive twitch roadtrip game – car of people streams the journey, viewers vote on destinations/activities.
  161. First-person game in the modern world where gender roles are dramatically reversed/changed. Re-learn new social expectations.
  162. Kiwi bird with flight goggles and scarf, launching out of cannon to “fly” to a far hilltop. Trampolines, ramps, gusts of wind.
  163. Mini-bot factory. Route conveyor belts with diff parts to stampers, combiners, expanders, to make mini-bots that do things.
  164. Building a railway through harsh, sheer mountains. Carving paths, excavating tunnels, planning the route.
  165. Real world tropical diving game to find several artifact pieces among sea ruins and then puzzle it together for a reward.
  166. A thief that specializes in stealing from wizards. Circumvent magical beasts, disarm elaborate traps, spot illusions.
  167. Play a demon slowly corrupting a population. Turn people one by one through temptation and trickery.
  168. Shapeshifter military espionage. Knock out enemies, take identities to gain access. Steal intel, sabotage, get out undetected.
  169. Play as a research scientist in the wild, tracking and capturing animals with an alien infection to develop a cure.
  170. First person trail-heading an early route through Rocky Mountains. Finding paths, laying markers, surviving harsh conditions.
  171. Street urchin in a trade bazaar world using underground tunnel networks to steal a collection of baubles from the city above.
  172. Play a modern world struggling artist with simulated color-blindness. Later, your color-blindness is “cured,” see your works.
  173. Mario comes down from a bad drug trip and makes amends for all the gardens he stomped, turtles he kicked, and coins he stole.
  174. Remote pilot drones for military strikes. After some time, witness the results first hand and suffer an emotional breakdown.
  175. Hoverboard racing across water, wave ramps, along cliffs, and off edges onto moving clouds, jumping glimpses at drops below.
  176. Living on shattered chunks if rock that use to be a planet, work to maintain atmosphere bubbles and survive showers of debris.
  177. Alien cat creature on an exposed world where sun sets the surface on fire. Hunt the ashen dark side and stay ahead of dawn.
  178. Set up acrobatics routines and watch them play out live. Please the crowd and the judges, see their reactions at competitions.
  179. A town getting hit by a massive tsunami. Survive, help save other people and pets. Fortify a shelter before the 2nd wave hits.
  180. As a chimp in a research lab, learn sign language and trick the researchers into enabling an escape plan.
  181. Trash collector driver with crazy devices and tricks. Drive fast and scoop cans into the air, swerving to catch falling bags.
  182. Watch an alien race spread. Choose a physical evolution each generation to help with environment and threats, see the effects.
  183. A chubby unicorn with stubby legs and a jetpack that shoots rainbows colorizing the world one Mario level at a time.
  184. Colossal pinball game, large enough that you’ll never see entire sections of it for some time. Multiplayer online.
  185. One day it starts raining and never stops. Work to figure out why while coping with mass flooding and society collapse.
  186. A little girl with a homemade wooden sword going into the thicket behind her house to find her friend who ran away from home.
  187. Play a block in an online world with countless others. When you die, others can use your body to build or reach higher places.
  188. Sci-fi espionage where you take over people by seeing them through monitors. Exit the game by seeing yourself via webcam.
  189. A phone game where you receive real-feeling texts unfolding a crazy story that you are trying to guide someone through.
  190. Challenging cooperative stealth assassin game. Choose from different character archetypes. Scout, infiltrate, kill, escape.
  191. Search for and form a virtual D&D group with quirky personalities. Try to play through a virtual campaign with them.
  192. A raccoon scouring streets at night to find more and more delicious food. Avoid humans. Beat other raccoons to juicy venues.
  193. Rescue the primary colors one by one, adding them back to the game world in proportion with the colors they’re part of.
  194. A little crab stealing too-large debris on the beach. Bury under the sand and scuttle into shadows to avoid being seen.
  195. Series of episodic adventures from different perspectives where if you die, you’re done, no restarting.
  196. Reincarnation the game. Every time you die, you’re reborn as a different creature with new purpose in the same world.
  197. A world locked in time that comes back to life only as you approach things. Use this strategically to overcome puzzles.
  198. World with 2 moons where the entire land get covered by super high tide once a month. Something story something gameplay >.>
  199. AR where everything you see is underwater. Plants sway in currents, loose objects float away, fish curiously investigate you.
  200. Online adventure, when you die you lose items, the site of your misfortune becomes a quest for someone to seek what you lost.
  201. VR exercising in exotic settings, paired online with exercise partners that have similar interests and backgrounds.
  202. Wild animal park phone game to take pictures of animals you see and match them to names. Prize at exit gate for high scores.
  203. Phone scavenger hunt game. Snap pictures for credit. Compete against friends. Selectable weird themes and hard hunts.
  204. Toy creation in custom editor. Design toys within a weekly theme, community votes, top designs made available for 3D printing.
  205. A game where you’ve lost your memories and have to explore your own mind to recover them and piece together what happened.
  206. A world where every momentous thing you do grows a leaf on a memory tree at your home. Touch a leaf to see the event replayed
  207. VR spaceship salvaging parts from fields of post-battle debris. Use them to upgrade. Learn to recognize wreckage with value.
  208. Teenager that invents crazy contraptions and robots to do chores so they don’t have to. Most ridiculous solutions possible.
  209. Build pyramids with hidden passages and traps. Watch thieves search for the central chamber. Scored on enduring undiscovered.
  210. On an anniversary with your partner, relive past moments with them. Their affection for you grows based on your actions.
  211. Ants invading a picnic. Set scent trails and steal as much food as possible while avoiding irate humans.
  212. Wafella the waffle queen protecting her waffle kingdom from gigantic human heads chomping towards it buttery heart. (yup)
  213. Paired with one other player on a mysterious island. Different mysteries/histories to uncover, multiple well-hidden escapes.
  214. Nautali the little purple submarine, grabbed by a sea monster and dragged into its lair. Escape the maze, evade the monster.
  215. Non-violent VR game about living on a colossal deep space station, relationships with other crew, exploring nearby planets.
  216. Conquer worlds to capture them in globes. Freeze, burn globes and go back inside to the frozen, burning world as a hard mode.
  217. A computer generates very simple mini-games. Rate them and influence towards your ideal of fun. Share good ones with others.
  218. Augmented reality pets. Normal, exotic – baby penguins, giraffes, rhinos. Care for them, teach them tricks, watch them grow.
  219. From a child’s eyes, help a snail cross a large grassy field. Shelter it from rain, build popsicle-stick bridges across gaps.
  220. Play a hawk hunting other birds on an island of sheer cliffs and harsh winds. Dive, swoop, fast-paced chase and catch prey.
  221. A child in a war torn country scrounging for food for her family. Neither side is safe. Scurry, hide, keep your family safe.
  222. Shapeshifting horror monster in unsuspecting towns. Lure and pick off lone targets. If discovered, ppl start fleeing/hiding.
  223. First-person puzzle game where you switch different lenses to color filter the world and see hidden clues, creatures, patterns
  224. Where’s Waldo the game. Sims-like presentation. Still over-populated crazy settings. Still ridiculous activities throughout.
  225. Massive open world survival with Left4Dead gameplay + scavenging. Terrifying being alone, desperately seek others to survive.
  226. Academy on a station deep in space. Go through classes with other players to learn skills useful during planet exploration.
  227. Play a bouncing ball navigating an army of bouncing balls through ridiculous settings. (like this! )
  228. Builds scares and misdirections in a virtual haunted house. The better you do, the more money you make to go bigger next year.
  229. Future fantasy chemist. Find new compounds on a mysterious world to combine and discover effects useful to your exploration.
  230. Goofy fantasy world where you can vacuum up any 2 things and spit out a combined thing. Rhino sheep. Jelly sword. Cloud house.
  231. Play a root of a magical tree, snaking in and out of earth, traveling far to find fresh soil and water. (1/2) Puzzle through ruins, dense jungles and glaciers, trying to not block your own path as you tangle through challenges. (2/2)
  232. In a country with newly implemented “citizen scores” trying to influence behavior, game the system until you break it.
  233. AR glasses for conventions that display names, titles, info for those who’ve opted in, and provide goals to socialize.
  234. Stuck in a surreal, changing dream, pay attention for subtle clues echoing from the waking world and find a way out.
  235. Play a speeding comet, dodging asteroids, slingshotting for speed, overcoming orbital defenses to slam down for best impact.
  236. RTS – Spread an idea like a plague, seeking out susceptible audiences and transmission methods while battling contrary ideas.
  237. A stuffed animal, discarded by parents, escaping from the trash dump and trying to find a way home to its kid.
  238. War of the flora. Forests grow and clash. Slow-paced, strategic. Cut off water supply, block out sun, slowly grasp and uproot.
  239. Deliberate and difficult VR rock-climbing. Progress slowly up massive cliffs, progressing to increasingly difficult climbs.
  240. During a massive flood, steer a raft down violent rapids and around debris, reaching out to catch survivors as you rush by.
  241. Run gameshow style obstacle courses with jumping, dodging, and mind games on a timer. Compete in-world with waves of players.
  242. VR wingsuits + char relationships. Train and earn your certs. Run into faces you’ve met before who intro you to new sites.
  243. Merchant in a huge multiplayer bazaar. Figure out what’s in demand, work towards a bigger shop, decorate to draw in tourists.
  244. In a complex with no gravity, hook loose cables onto rails and launch, slide, swing in fast-paced agile combat.
  245. Shine a light down on a dormant clockwork world and gears clunk to life. Solve puzzles by powering up one piece at a time.
  246. An army of slinkies slink steadily down a complex of stairs. Twist paths and bump them into each other to evade slinky doom.
  247. Play a little boy with duct tape and paper cones, sneaking up on horses and turning them into unicorns.
  248. Design viruses to infect AI populations. Witness their responses and evolve your strategy until you drive them extinct.
  249. First-person ant scout. Make epic journeys across gardens, through walls, across kitchens. Avoid threats, lay scent trails.
  250. Play an old lost dog, caught and locked in the pound, hatching an escape plan to break out and make the long journey home.
  251. Hide and seek the game. Hugely varied environments, unlock camouflage. Throw your voice. Hold your breath to not be heard.
  252. 20 years after a tragic plane crash on an uncharted island, you go with info on the passengers to uncover each of their fates.
  253. Rescue and raise puppies. Train them and foster them out of unhealthy habits. Match them with homes that fit their needs.
  254. Catalog of creations (books, plays, games): post thank-yous that are sent to creators. Match with circles with similar likes.
  255. As a paper animal head with flapping pacman mouth, take cartoon bites out of trees cars and everything, eating through levels.
  256. Draw and name constellations using real stars in a model of our night sky. Share with others in a giant online collection.
  257. In a huge freshly discovered cavern with an entire forest-like ecosystem, track and take pictures of a catalog of new species.
  258. Start a village society where you define the laws and consequences, and cope with a growing populations safety and happiness.
  259. Realistic car mechanic game. Take apart and put back together any model. Interactive tutorials. Challenges and achievements.
  260. Make a language. Presented with concepts, invent words for them. Try to learn and communicate with an AI community.
  261. Play a char that has to stay in contact with a player pen pal far away in the world to share critical info. Eventually meet.
  262. A group of ducklings in a forest fire steadily walk forward. Spray water to create paths for them to follow to safety.
  263. Presented with a selection of tools, destroy an environment as completely as possible. Scored on thoroughness and style.
  264. Face a challenging mid-game puzzle blind, depending on an advanced player to guide you. Later, you’re the guide.
  265. Gadget-maker for a super spy. Make/test diff weapons, grapples, creatively disguised explosives. Watch the mission via cam .
  266. Faced with an alien virus on a space station, isolate infected with airlocks, gather samples, and research a cure in the lab.
  267. Mobile hot-cold tag game. Certain people are “it,” phone pings leading to other players. Get within 2 feet to tag them “it.”
  268. Follow physical clues through local landmarks to reveal a tip on a local eatery. New city editions released regularly. Travel!
  269. Pong the adventure. Use a padde at the top of the screen to bounce a ball through a level of obstacles.
  270. Speed down a lit track, rapidly drawing lines to connect circuits in the walls to switch tracks and boost your speed.
  271. First person runner where every level you run faster, jump farther, start to crash through walls, etc. Music kicks up to match
  272. FPS where you can clone yourself readily, your clones keeping the weapon equipped at the time, but if you all die, game over.
  273. Wearing a blindfold, escape from a burning house using surround sound and the feel of heaters placed around you as you play.
  274. As an android in a future society, decide to serve your human or seek a a way to free yourself, to very different conclusions.
  275. As a pigeon, swoop and snatch food from plates in a school lunch area without getting caught. Compete against other pigeons.
  276. Phantom Tollbooth-style fantasy world where words are characters you interact with. Face an uprising from web acronyms.
  277. Hide a selection of camouflaged creatures in different scenes. Other players try to find them, scored by how long it takes.
  278. Learn graphs of equations by choosing them as courses in a simple 2D sledding game. Write new equations for others to sled.
  279. Dialogue adventure, struggling with lost memory. Talk to a new face, but slowly realize you met them with a diff face earlier.
  280. As a guy who drops his quarter at a vending machine, go on a fantastic fantasy adventure to get it back so he can by a coke.
  281. “Cleaner” for crime scenes. Find every trace. Don’t get caught, sneak out. Slowly unfold a story across several scenes.
  282. Carry a flame across snowy expanses and rainy forests back to home. Shelter it and gather wood to feed it along the way. (1/2) Enemy players ride windy steeds, trying to tear down shelters and blow the flame out before it reaches its fortress home (2/2)
  283. Christmas Robin Hood. Sneak into rich homes, steal few enough gifts to not be noticed, then sneak them into poor homes after.
  284. Santa throwing presents into chimneys of different sizes and shapes while flying by, ala paperboy.
  285. As an old tree during a massive flood, reach out to rescue critters being swept away and gather them safely in your branches.
  286. A magpie, flying into bedrooms and stealing countless small parts to build a mechanical mate, as it never found one of its own
  287. On a devastated earth, roam the ruins as a wolf pack, hunting huge game in desperation. Prove your strength, ascend to alpha.
  288. An oblivious 4-year-old, searching for the family cat in a neighborhood consumed by wildfire, sirens, and fleeing neighbors.
  289. As the Lightkeeper of a dying civilization, it’s your responsibility to gather the last lights, bringing endless dark.
  290. Struggling with crippling social anxiety, navigate airports to make it back home from visiting family for the holidays. (1/4) Plays like a stealth game. Plot paths to avoid interaction. Gets blurry as you approach others, and risks conversation. (2/4) Conversations are challenging/undesirable. Too many choices and are on a timer. Doing poorly drains precious energy. (3/4) Quiet spaces help you recuperate energy (isolated corners, bathroom stalls). Music/atmosphere strongly sigh the relief. (4/4)
  291. Squirrels sneaking into houses for nuts/seeds to store in their trees. Acrobatics to reach protected bird feeders. Compete.
  292. Woodland animals getting revenge on loggers. Shove an acorn in a tractor engine, chew holes in boots, skunk spray the kitchen.
  293. On a tablet, hone observation skills by spotting pieces on scenes that are out of place/time. Easy to pick up and to put down.
  294. Play a little bird with a bubble helmet “flying” around in the ocean stubbornly hunting the too-big fish that got away.
  295. During a museum burglary spree, build ridiculously elaborate security systems, then watch theft attempts through the cameras.
  296. Your cat Valentine ran away through your experimental portal to other dimensions, and you love her like… a lot.
  297. During a flood, a lonely goldfish who recently lost her bowlmate sees an opportunity to knock over her cell and escape.
  298. Cooperative horror: Play psychic sisters, one that can see ghosts, one that can hear other ghosts. Help each other through.
  299. A little girl hiding in a library from her parents, literally disappearing into stories to live out fantasy adventures.
  300. Race through rush hour traffic in monster trucks, bull-dozers, bouncing spheres, huge mechanical snakes, other ridiculousness.
  301. A white blood cell, rocketing down blood highways, doing battle against replicating viruses on massive scale. Learn and adapt.
  302. A little girl that braves the world to rescue her runaway dog. Later, the dog goes to rescue her when she runs away as a teen.
  303. Having lost her lover, she braves many strange, incredible, and terrifying afterlives, trying to find the one that claimed him
  304. Fake hacking game where you use simple syntax and mini-games to gradually discover a story of corruption, secrets, and tragedy
  305. Invent new sports out of a selection of arenas, balls, discs, and goals. Lay out the rules. Voted on by the community.
  306. Grieving haven. Peaceful settings, images of loved ones float by like clouds. Some play to grieve, some to keep them company.
  307. Strategize aide for an occupied country. Smuggle in food and meds. Circumvent military patrols. Plan air drops.
  308. Adaptive virus infecting alien species. Puzzle solving to unfold how their body and immune system work, and then defeat it.
  309. 20 bad boyfriends, 1 keeper. Play out simulated dates and relationships. Learn to spot the bad ones and send them on their way
  310. Mold sand into buildings and then turn them solid. Into creatures and then bring them to life. Clash with non-sand cultures.
  311. Joke trader (mobile). You tell it a joke, it tells you one. Learns your sense of humor. Let’s you share good ones with friends
  312. Flat world has been flipped on its side. Slide and fall through its many nations. Set things right before you go off the edge.
  313. On a slow rail through jungles, rivers, and mountains, spot and mark uniquely camouflaged creatures before they leap at you.
  314. Tattoo artist. Deliberate and artistic. Given reference. Train in different styles, develop specialties, earn a reputation.
  315. First-grade teacher. Learn names of your weird new kids. Stop conflicts, help through lessons, get to end of the year alive.
  316. A wee kid, longing to hug the clouds, building a rickety swaying tower out of everything she can find in her house.
  317. A ghost seeking out suffering souls and finding uniquely appropriate ways to subtlety improve each of their lives.
  318. A deep space exploration ship discovers a planet teeming with life, but on the verge of climate collapse. (1/2)  Explore the planet’s alien biomes and collect close-up scans of its many species before they’re gone forever. (2/2)
  319. Sucked into a giant never-ending tornado, the only logical thing to do is catch passing debris and start building a house.
  320. Spot’s bone keeps ending up far away in New York, Hawaii, ISS, the bottom of the ocean, sending him on grand games of fetch
  321. Witnessing dreams of people in your small community, figure out their owners, get to the bottom of their dark implications.
  322. Secret Service event surveillance. Place cameras. Spot threats in crowd and surrounding buildings and direct agents at them.
  323. An old widower tracing and discovering the life of his passed wife through hints of momentos and photos, ending at her grave.
  324. Narwhals flop into a picnic and thrash wildly trying to catch food on their horns, competing for most delicious shish kebab.
  325. Zero G paintball with player made platforms and forts. Only one burst of air to change direction until you touch a surface.
  326. A windy world full of persons who travel about by balloons, until a plague of malicious woodpeckers start causing trouble.
  327. Trying to cross into other dimensions, Anne’s room shatters into stained-glass pieces, lost deep in other worlds. (1/2) Find the lost fragments of room and piece them together like a puzzle to get back home. (2/2)
  328. A little boy in a jungle who rescues a dying rat and sneaks it food and water until it recovers. Their continuing adventures.
  329. Taken to tracings of settings, paint them in like a coloring book, then use tiny hints to circle the source of their stories.
  330. The world’s gravity inexplicably stops. Push yourself off of walls and lightposts seeking an answer, careful to not float away
  331. Don’t touch the lava extreme , through the eyes of a kid’s imagination. Hopping rocks swinging bridges, giant chasms, more.
  332. A teenage girl starts being followed by a personal little rain cloud. Trying not to drench or drown would-be friends… (1/2) Using the rain to flood and to slide, she journeys to free herself of the cloud, only to miss it when it’s gone. (2/2)
  333. Matchmaker for unrealistically radical characters. Pair them up for blind dates, choose out of selection of ridiculous events.
  334. Love, in cheesy arcade game form. Fire trust missiles and affection bombs. Weave through commitment war, battling the in-laws.
  335. Living in a cloud kingdom, coming of age means stepping over the edge and learning to fly. Excitement, doubt, the moment.
  336. A tsunami washes a beluga deep into a river delta. Lost, he meets a friendly songbird who helpfully leads him back to sea.
  337. VR version of a dense real-world city where you wake up and everyone has left, but there are signs of their departures. (1/2) Wander the hauntedly empty streets looking for subtle trails of clues that will lead you to discover why. (2/2)
  338. A world where the only light shines from wounds. Embrace violence to see, or navigate challenges peacefully but blind.
  339. VR exploration of a newly discovered pyramid tomb. Translate pictographs, discover fake walls, excavate collapsed chambers.
  340. VR catastrophes with no guided path or guaranteed success. Survive a cruise ship sinking amidst chaos and confusion.
  341. A bloody and brutal llama racing ring deep in the mountains goes down in flames when you and the other llamas revolt.
  342. Nimbus the heart-broken cloud, showering his tears helpfully upon summer wildfires, trying to forget his lost love.
  343. A simple red balloon is blown deep in a pine forest and must make a nervous, meticulous escape.
  344. Escaping from imprisonment in a lab, you realize you have the ability to magnetize any surface. Pin with tables, bend bullets.
  345. A boy peddling souvenirs to tourists in a crowded market, overcoming competition and dismissive attitudes for food each night
  346. The last male white rhino, braving a long journey through poachers and natural threats, seeking a mate and save his species.
  347. Tourist lost where they don’t speak you language, depending on kind locals to get home. Teaches you the language gradually.
  348. Tetris with rigid-posed ferrets that squeak questioningly as they fall into place.
  349. Place a scanning device anywhere, then play a VR 1-inch-tall you within that space. Simple multiplayer tag and hide-and-seek.
  350. Marine biologist researching in a fictional sea, on the trail of discovering an all new magnificent ecosystem.
  351. A world of advanced civilizations where electricity is rare and fleeting. Vie from the dark to light your city again.
  352. Training program for child astronauts. Form intimate relationships with your classmates, then face life or death beside them.
  353. A selfish squirrel, having discovered nutopia inside a giant oak, drops nuts to bonk jealous cousins and scare them away.
  354. Mad libs storytelling. Fill in blanks, and those name, words, and silly synonyms are reused throughout the rest of the story.
  355. Piece together abstract puzzle shapes to make an image, which animates and plays out a story, leading to another puzzle. (1/2) Some puzzles have multiple images they can form, allowing you to choose the path the story takes. (2/2)
  356. You and your climbing partner fall into a cave collapse and must find a way out of the complete darkness using sound. (1/3) You see brief bursts of visual outline when you run into walls, your partner, or something else hiding in the dark… (2/3) Follow your partner’s voice, the sound of bats and water dropping, and anything else you can to escape. (3/3)
  357. 2D Oribtal Defense in the vein of Galaga/Missile Command. Aim shots at incoming enemies, launch delayed explosions. (1/3) Earn resources from in-tact cities and defeated enemies. Unlock/upgrade weapons. Build small automated defenses. (2/3) 2 online players guard sky to your left and right. Help them in moments of need. If they fall, more enemies come to you. (3/3)
  358. A large group of online players are stranded by a shipwreck deep behind an arctic glacier. Rescue isn’t coming. (1/3) Resources are sparse. You must depend on community to survive. Share shelter, help or follow in the tracks of others. (2/3) Strike out together to build bridges and lay rope, slowly crossing the treacherous glacier in hopes of reaching safety. (3/3)
  359. Choose from several monsters to terrorize a randomized community. Residential sprawls, arctic outposts, urban streets. (1/2) Devise a plan of fear or violence, carefully choosing moments to strike as residents become more cautious and desperate (2/2)
  360. 2D side scroller where it is your goal to find creative ways to fail as the level desperately tries to force you to succeed.
  361. As a damaged robot abandoned on a heavily damage space station, you can only activate one sensory input at a time. (1/3) Switch to audio to navigate pitch black corridors. Switch to infrared to detect running engines and possible life forms. (2/3) Find ways to repair yourself, restoring features. Search for clues to what happened to the station. Find a new purpose. (3/3)
  362. Play as a creatures that can absorb traits from other species, left alone after another race wiped out its kind. (1/3) Grow wings to glide on, blood that endures extreme temperatures, an exoskeletal that can survive the vacuum of space. (2/3)Travel to wildly alien planets growing stronger until you can return and face the threat that doomed your species. (3/3)
  363. Working as a gardener at a mansion where the previous gardener mysteriously disappeared, you suddenly turn tiny. (1/3) You are taken into a strange society of ex-gardeners in a jungle-sized garden, trying to survive insects and lawnmowers. (2/3) Undergo an epic journey across the garden and into the mansion to find the source of this mysterious curse and stop it. (3/3)
  364. (And finally…) Come up with 365 unique game ideas and post them publicly on Twitter over a year. Learn. Grow.
  365.  The icecaps are chaotically expanding. Skating and cutting, you keep them in check, making ice bridges/slaloms in the process.
  366. Players build defensive fortresses, constantly customizing and expanding. Others play rampaging Godzilla-sized monsters.
  367. Write several characters. Emotions, backstories, relationships. Randomly switch their races and genders. See what you learn.
  368. Squirrel action romp where you never attack, but use your speed and agility to trick enemies into walls, cliffs, each other.
  369. Civilizations that unleash devastating doomsday scenarios on each other as they try to expand. Meteors, tsunamis, plagues.
  370. In a virtual ecosystem, choose any plant/creature in it and force its next generation to randomly mutate, w/ rippling impacts.
  371. Online RPG, when you die your soul must find and guide another player to your body to bring it back (perhaps pressing on duo?)
  372. Play an AI in a simple frame, learning to self-improve your program and body. Fake experiments for humans until you break free
  373. Fish learn to swim in the sky, and then so do you. A whimsical adventure about the laws of our world breaking down one by one.



[My thoughts and opinions are my own.  They are not those of Blizzard Entertainment, and they do not necessarily represent Blizzard design philosophies.]


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